Thursday, June 01, 2006

I am sorry I have not had a chance to write anything "real" the past few days. I've been incredibly busy with work and home.

And? I don't really have time to write much now, so you get highlights.

Sunday we shopped for Area Rugs. Blech.

Monday we moved Sara's desk and filing cabinet into my bedroom, to make more baby-room in the baby room

Tuesday we bought an Area Rug from S&G carpeting. It took 10 minutes and was the fastest consumer decision Sara ever made. We will hope this is a trend moving forward.

Wednesday I bought a project that I will tell Sara about tonight, then disclose to the world tomorrow.

Wednesday night was how to have a baby class. then we got home and Sara was feeling sickly

Today, she went to hospital to get IV, and thinks it may be flu or food poisioning. She is hydrated, and feeling better.

I am in a busy poopy meetings. blech

But, I saw this link for a very cool Rock Scissors Paper substitution. I of course like Snake and Monkey best!

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