Monday, June 19, 2006

Lance takes on the anti-doping head

while I support Armstrong, we MUST fight back against the authoritarian abuse of power, I also find it hilarious that the anti-doping guy is named "Dick Pound"

I mean, really, can you imagine, that's probably what drove him to be this guy. Named Dick Pound.

Who names their kid "Dick Pound"

you can imagine what trouble it made for being named Dick Pound on the school yard

Do a search for Dick Pound without any quote marks? Oh yeah Baby.... LOTS of gay porn

Some other names that might have had to be defended in the school yard:
Dick Hunter
Brandy Beer
Kerry Edwards (well, he's a grown man now but just imagine)
Rocky Mountain
Smoky Mountain (they are brothers)
Controller for a company I worked for had the handle Richard Small.
He didn't go by Dick for obvious reasons.

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