Tuesday, July 25, 2006

5am. I was up at 5am, getting barfed on.

WOO HOO! Happy Birthday dad. BLECH! Barf! Woo HOO!

then Sara took a nap, and I lay in bed near her, with tarzan sleeping in my armpit, next to me. both Sara & Tarzan snore a little.

So I sent email out to my assembling group list of baby care experts.

1) buy puke colored clothes! Yay MiG! thanks

2) Spray immediately. It can sit for a few days if you spray. Most choose Spray & Wash Dual Power. One nanny calls it the "shotgun approach to cleaning everything"

3) Dreft detergent

Wash in warm or hot water. Then maybe wash a second time. Check for stains before putting in dryer. Once in Dryer, stains are locked in.



This morning we went to Tarzan's first pediatrician visit. Dr. Peter Contini. I like him

Tarzan had a heel-stick, for some more blood work. He is a little Jaundiced, so we take him outside, he loves the sun. (for brief 5 min intervals)

Matt came and took me to Jesse & Happy Vans. I picked up the sprinter, the new back seat is what Tarzan is needing for a car seat.

Drove home, got van situated, Uncle Jack arrived and he took some photos. He will try to have some up tonight, I'll link to them

now we are just resting on my bed, he is next to me, swaddled up like a burrito a la baby.

My folks arrive soon, I hope this heat breaks, it is hot like hades.

if I have not returned your call or email, please be patient, I am insanely busy


Um excuse me, but why am I not on your baby expert list? I have raised dozens!

Here's all you need to know:

1) when you place them in the nursery, dip their beaks into the water to give them their first drink. They know where water is from then on.

2) drop crumbles in front of them from a height of 3 inches. They like food that moves, they chase after it and peck at it. Once they know what fodo looks like, you can just put it in the tray.

That's all there is to know about babies!


p.s. congrats all around!
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