Saturday, July 08, 2006

a day off

i will wake up early, load the sprinter, and take the KTM to Metcalf Park and ride dirtbikes No Moped Stunna here!

except? I got a flat front tire about 12 minutes into the riding. Cause I was not on a scooter

did not have bike stand, spare innertube, pump

so I loaded up and went home

I think I need to mod the Chappy!

unloaded, cleaned, took off front tire, found hole, went to hardware store, bought patch kit, came home, patched tube, reassambelled AND? still leaks

patched again, leaks again

strike THREE, and I take it to RoadRider to buy a heavy duty tube. They install, however, he points out that the spokes are coming through too far on the inside

so I take the rim home, grind the spokes with a dremel tool, clean it all up, take it BACK to the shop. fresh tube, tire, all assembelled

home AGAIN, put bike together clean up, and

It's 12:30. NO more riding for me. >.<

so I fiddle with the yard sprinkler stuff, then Sara comes home and has a nap. Now I am writing this.

so far? my day? not what I wanted.

but I am alive, and the AC is on, so all is good

haha, our car has a flat tire too!
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