Monday, July 24, 2006


We got all the shots and papers and birth certificate done at the hospital

Saul R Statman is the official name.

Saul after my mother's father
R to honor Sara's father

BUT! I am calling him Tarzan! In Texas all the kids are called Bubba. For me? He is Tarzan!

We left the hopsital, it was 108 outside according to the car thermometer. We drove safely home, turned down the AC, and are trying to keep cool

Much like the old WT guys in NE Texas, I went out and sprayed the walls down with water. It does not cool the house, but the evaporation allows some of the heat to dissipate faster.

Sara is trying to get Tarzan to eat. He's being lazy,, not fussy, lazy, he just keeps sleeping.

We gotta get this hooligan on a schedule!


Triumphantly leaving the hospital in a wheelchair

Bundled into Sara's car. Can you find Tarzan in this photo?

I told you it was hot. If you click this pic, and look in the left side instrument cluster, you'll see 108F

Sara at the front door. Notice all the lights are off, the curtain is drawn, trying to keep house cool

Tarzan at rest. Note hand above head, in a defiant heavy metal thrash sign!!!

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