Monday, July 03, 2006

I want to hate Ikea. I want to hate everything about them. It's a HUGE chain. It has gaudy colors outside. The building is a glorified warehouse. Those damn smug scandanavians. Silly product names. What's not to hate?

Sunday Sara, Matt, Antonio and I went up to look for a dresser after Sunday Morning Steak & Eggs at the Sherwood Inn. mmmm Steak & Eggs, Hash browns & Toast, AND a Bloody Mary, for $8. HELLS Yes.

So we drove to Ikea.

Crap. It is cool

They had what we need. We bought stuff.

But one part was out of stock, to get there on Monday. I went back today and bought it.

We now have a new coffee table, 2 wide bookcases, 1 narrow bookcase, and a Dresser for Tarzan's room.

Goddamn Smug Scandanavians.....

The yankees in North Austin have petitioned IKEA HQ to open a location here since they are tired of driving to Houston to avoid paying shipping charges. So they are opening one in Round Rock in the fall.
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