Thursday, July 13, 2006

Last night Sara and I had dinner with the Rabasa family & Jack. Watching them wrangle kids around was fun.

This morning, I rode the Harley to work, it's having some issues at full throttle, there is some hesitation & bucking, acting like it was fuel-starved. I'll mess with it later.

But I was riding in to work, and thinking. Thinking is always bad. BAD.

I was thinking there were multiple bomb blasts and ~200 people killed in Mumbai India this week. The work of? Terrorists! The Indian government has questioned 350 people, detained 20 people.

And yet?

From our president. HELLO? fight terrorism, terrorists, blah blah, and "we send our condolences". Condolences my keester. We need to get out of Iraq, and start fighting global terrorism, or STFU about it. I am guessing we are not dispatching troops because there is no way for Halliburton to make money off it.

The Indian government has already begin naming suspects. And the people are trying to get back to life.

Once again, the Indians are showing the world, you have a problem, you solve it the best you can, and you move on. My best goes out to the families who have lost, my desire for the terrorists to get a fierce and final case of the clap is here, and I applaud the folks who have tried to resettle and get back to life.

If only the mighty US could take from this example, get out of Iraq, and focus on problems at home.

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