Wednesday, July 26, 2006

my folks are in town, which is swell. Mom made yummy veggie soup for Sara today

We should make more soups.

Sara went to the lactation consultant, and there was ongoing Jaundice issues with Tarzan, but he will survive

I took the 'rents to Target to get some stuff. mainly cleaning stuff

then stopped at flames for a burger. mmm burger. MEAT!

Then grocery store & home

I think Sara and I are incredibly busy. Afterwards my folks & evie went home early, so we could lay around and do nothing.

Ya know what happened? The HEAT broke. at least for the evening, it is absolutely dreamy outside. YAY

i am building an improvised misting system for the patio, to keep things cool. I need "T" fittings, and it'll be done

It's 11pm, we are laying down, but have to feed Tarzan at midnight.

Captain Midnight!

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