Sunday, July 23, 2006

sara's writing up the long version, I ran home to do some wash, (myself included) then back to hospital. He is very fond of barfing all over me, and it is immediately obvious I am gonna need more black XL T Shirts, with minimal printing on front. I think I'll order some up in plain!

Quick Details about Tarzan,

We went to Good Samaritan arrived at 4pm yesterday, July 22. It was 104+ degrees outside. Sara tried on her back, nothing happened, Kavita the midwife arrived, we switched Sara to a birthing chair. it looks like a "U" shaped camp stool. Tarzan arrived at 4:50PM. 7lbs, 1oz. Head full of hair, Sara's chin dimple, and someone else's big feet!

The hospital provides baby hats, they look just like my pal Matt's "toook" hats, only more colorful. So we are jk-oking about Tarzan in his toook!

He enjoys latching on to her breast, but then not suckling. He is a huge giant faker! :) I can tell arleady he is gonna be a hooligan and a prankster.

We'll be in hospital today, maybe come home tonight, maybe tomorrow.

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