Sunday, July 09, 2006

So I got the KTM fixed. Last night Sara and I had dinner at Albertos with Antonio & His roommate Chance.

Sara suggested I go for a ride on Sunday morning. So we did. Back out to Metcalf, no flat. AND? I rode on the motocross track. Jumps are fun. Turns blow, unless you are confident enough to haul keester through them Which I am not.

Got hot & sweaty and tired, it was great fun.

Came home, cleaned up, cleaned bike, yay. Home before noon!

I took a shower, and was napping, when I heard Sara talking, Julia had stopped by, and they were chatting. So I got up.

We assembelled the co-sleeper Sara bought, and moved the bed over to make room for it.

Then Julia helped me with some bolts that went through the floor of the sprinter. MAJOR Sprinter mods tomorrow. Pulling the benches, and putting in a bench seat. You know, for Tarzan.

THEN? Sara made Cioppino. We ate, we lounged, I fell asleep. Julia left.

I woke up, we went to the grocery store.

Really, a pretty good day.

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