Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ya snooze? Ya lose!

Background: Sara and I love riding motorcycles. It's how we met, it's part of how we live, and it'll be part of our lives for the rest of our lives.

Tarzan is on his way. We don't know when our son will arrive, pretty much any day now. Guess what? He will ride too. Not forced. Not "little league dad". Just part of our lives.

For the first couple of years, he needs to be in a car seat wherever he goes. So a sidecar is the ONLY possibility. (let's not start on the safety discussion, you can get hit by a bus crossing the street, life is not safe)

So I sold my BSA 250 sidecar, it was too small, too slow. But fun for giving my dad rides!

We are looking for a real outfit, that I will be able to put baby seat in, and semi-keep up with Sara on rides in the country.

Research tells me an older BMW frame, with a newer (but still old) BMW aircooled 900cc motor is the way to go. Tied to some form of sidecar. The entire outfit should be able to drive at 70-ish mph, and be reliable, and not be a monstrosity.

Sort of like Sara's old slash bike... but different

I found one that was close on eBay, however, I dicked around and it sold. However, in the process, my dear pal Flash scoured his worldwide network of friends, and found 2 guys who were going to go check out the rig, as well as store it for me till I had time to get it.

Now, I am sad that I did not bid on the rig, however, I am thrilled with Flash. Can you imagine having a freind of a freind many states away offer to go inspect something for you, then store it at his house till you can go get it?

THIS is why I love motorcycles. You have a network of freinds all over the world, who are willing to do anything to help you, just form one email.

It makes me feel good about life and the world.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with advice and had offers... Thanks Ken, Thanks Bob, Thanks Brian, Thanks Joe, Thanks Nick. and always Thanks Flash.

Now it's time to look for more....

Get a convertible CAR and the three of you can all ride together with seatbelts on! If you insist on continuing to ride motorcycles then get a babysitter and leave the kid at home while you 2 go out for a joyride. Do you really want those virgin lungs breathing exhaust fumes straight from the tailpipes of surrounding vehicles? Do you want him getting hit in the arms and face by bugs and rocks? Getting wind and sunburn? All just so you can try to fulfill some fantasy of the idyllic motorcycle ride with the family?

I've ridden twice in the 5 years since Giselle was born, this after riding for over 15 years. I was terrified - if anything were to happen to me (like some idiot in a car running a stop sign and maiming or killing me) then my kid would never know me (I did my rides when she was under 6 mo old so she would have been without a source of food too if I had died or was in a coma). What if that idiot running the stop sign hit me while I was driving in the car with my kids? Well, the airbags would deploy and we'd maybe take a trip to the hospital but we would all be alive. If the idiot hit you and the baby/kid in the sidecar then one or both of you would be dead or seriously injured.
Yes there are inherent risks in life, many of which your son will easily find on his own, so there is no need to go out looking for them, tempting fate.
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