Saturday, August 12, 2006

artwork from David Malki

because truly, it is not about how many died, it is not about how horrible it WAS.

Terrorism is about getting Americans to willingly give up their freedoms, and slowly erode the democracy our forefathers fought to build

Every thing you cannot do:
take nail clippers, fluids, etc on a plane
take photos in a public place

Everything you willingly submit to:
national ID cards
unlawful search & siezure

Every little idea you give up on:
I am responsible for my own freedom
I have the right to choose
the government should not have 'secret laws'

all these things? Are signs the terrorists have won.

Every idiot I see interviewed on TV saying "oh well, if it makes things safer...." makes me want to barf.

Saftey is an illusion. Freedom is what you should be fighting for.

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