Friday, August 25, 2006


Saul is back in the hospital for the weekend. Sara went to see Gastrointerologist on Thursday. Saul was a little deheydrated, and not eating. And still only 7lbs 4oz

So he got checked into Good Samaritain Hospital Thursday at 4pm. He has an IV to give him fluids, and he is on a very strict feeding schedule, every 3 hours, ~2oz+2packets breast milk enhancer, so he is getting ~24 calories every 3 hours.

Friday (today) at 2pm, he weighed about 7lbs, 8 oz

so he is gaining weight

This morning he had a CT scan, and his brain is normal.

The Gastrointerology team wants to watch how much he is eating, and monitor his weight gain.

He will probably stay in hospital till Sunday or Monday.

worst case? feeding tube in nose to stomach.

I am scattered, I will try to keep updated, thanks for all good thoughts


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