Tuesday, August 29, 2006

had pizza last night.

Saras folks stayed at hospital, we slept at home

got to hospital in time for feeding, he took 2 oz normally, through bottle, but has NG tube

He got EEG, to test brian activity

Met with Nurologist to go over CT Scan & MRI. Everything is in normal limits. He has one part of his brian that is a little small, but nothing to worry about, and he will probably grow it bigger.

Neurologist will stop by at 5pm tonight, with EEG results.

I had to leave to go back to work, Sara meets with Occupational therapist to figure out ways to improve his sucking.

I'm headed back to hospital, we will see what we have learned. It is beginning to look like he won't get to go home till thursday.

then it will involve a feeding tube, schedules, etc. but at least at home


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