Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ok, quick, cause I am tired

eeg - good

cat & MRI - good

OTPT visit today - good with conditions

he eats the first ounce with vigor

when he is on IV and tube fed, he gains weight

so he can eat, and he can process the food

OTPT says his suck is strong. but he has low muscle tone, and may
want to be a couch potato growing up.

The thought is he has silent reflux. after the first ounce, he feels
good. the second ounce causes a burp or a reflux, and the acid hurts
a little, so he has learned, 1 ounce? no pain.

so we are feeding him 1 oz by bottle, next oz by NG tyube

he may be able to come home wednesday or thursday

The hospital Admissions called, and wanted me to pay the co-pay.

as of today, $2896. going up daily, and will cap at $4k

So I wrote a $1k check, and will write more later.

Yikes, what an expensive hotel! :)

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