Saturday, August 26, 2006

(pardon my spelling, I am tired)

Yesterday (Friday) Saul ate a little, gained a little weight, and made a little progress.

We saw Dr. McCracken, the GI. She theorizes that he "got behind in his feeding schedule" and dropped weight. Just like Dr. Contini, she wants to see what happens when he comes up to weight.

He had a CT Scan, all the nurses went on and on about how cute he is.

In the afternoon, we met the Neurologist, Dr Ted, I forgot his last name, but it is written down somewhere. He rides motorcycles. He checked out the kid, and said he seems mostly normal. But he does have "large equipment". yay. :) Tarzan will be popular with the ladies.

There was also some commenting on how he has his head turned left too much, so we prop him up to turn to the right now.

Matt came by, Sara, her dad, Matt & I went to Cardinal lounge for early dinner.

When we got back, there was a party in the hospital. Sara's mom was there with Julia & Mike & Evie. So Tarzan had lots of attention.

It was a struggle to get him to eat his last feeding, so everyone left, and we got some food in him.

Then I went home to sleep.

This morning, we are on our way back to the hospital, and will pick up Kate at the airport.

Sadly missing our pal Marra & Kenyon's wedding tonight, but phoned, they understand.

Hope all's well for everyone else.


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