Monday, August 28, 2006

Sara said he did not perform well last night, she looks wore out.

I got to the hospital after working the morning. Just in time to get him all prepped, and out to MRI.

MRI pulled his tube, so that has to be reinserted.

I took sara to lunch at Goodies Good Eats on Bascom, she had a tuna melt.

Back to hospital, he was out of MRI, recovery, then back to the room. Sara tried to get him to eat some pedialyte from a bottle. less than an ounce.

I left to come home & clean up before they re-inserted the tube.

No results yet

GI Doc McKracken suggested he may be okay to go home with tube on Wednesday

I do not know results from MRI

My head hurts

Photos Julz took 2 days ago:

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