Monday, August 07, 2006

Six Sigma. Brilliant Management Style, or Failing Management Strategy.

Metrics. I hear it over and over. You have to measure and improve. And I must say, it's got me burning mad.

Jack Welch turned General Electric around, on his Six Sigma approach. Then he began management practice of grading on a curve, and whacking the bottom 10% of managers. Sadly, many corporations interpret this as whacking the bottom 10%.

Jack Welch also divorced his second wife Jane Beasley in 2003, to marry Suzy Wetlaufer who resigned from the Harvard Business Review in 2002, after admitting affair with Jack.

Wait a minute. Divorced in 2003, affair in 2002? Anyone else follow that math?

Well, what's happeining to Jack's students? Some of them are failing. Here's my favorite summary paragraph from Slate Magazine

A judgment on the success of the former GE hands shouldn't be made simply on how faithful they were to the Gospel According to Jack. Instead, it should be based on how judiciously they apply Welch's lessons to their particular situations and how well they develop their own strategies. The test is not how well they can manage like Jack, but how well they can manage like themselves.

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