Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday, Sleepy Sunday!

Last night Dale & Joan invited us over. Steak AND Halibut, on a bed of green polenta. Yummy, oh Lord, he possibly saved my life. Tarzan sat in the car seat and was quiet, polite and napping.

All this past week I've been getting grumpy. Sara gave me a hall pass for today, and Tia Julia & I went to Metcalf Motorcycle Park, and rode dirtbikes. She was borrowing Sara's TTR, you know, to keep it running.

I am convinced, there is something in my brain's chemistry that gets shaken up and rewired by riding motorcycles. Julia's knee was hurting, so we called it a quick and early ride. Got there at 10 till 8am, left at 9:40.

I rode trail #1 to warm up, we did it twice, then Julia needed a rest, so I went out on the motocross track. I still can't hit the double, but I got some nice airs, and was having fun. Went back to parking lot, and took her on trail #2. She was not enjoying it, her knee reportedly felt like "jello". So back in to the parking lot, 2 more laps of MX track, 3 quick runs on trail #1, and I was almost out of gas.

Which is good. You don't want to store mixed 2 stroke gas, it gets gummy and sick.

So the KTM is nearly empty, and we load up and head back home. I managed to have everything washed, cleaned, and in the garage by 11:30.

And mentally? I feel great. I'm tired all the time, even though I sleep through the night. When I am up, I clean bottles, breast pump bits, do laundry, change diapers, rock kiddo to sleep. But that is about it, and mentally it tires me.

So a quick dirt bike ride was just wonderful

Sara is spending the afternoon talking with her pal Skye, who also just had a baby a few months ago. They are chatting all about stuff, it is good, makes Sara happy.

I went to the grocery store, with baby barf on my shirt. The cashier noticed, and was about to say something as she picked up the diapers, and it all made sense to her.

YAY kid.

Yay Sara!

Yay Dirt bike ride

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