Sunday, August 27, 2006

what a day.

I slept on the couch to try and keep any distractions (snoring, farting, rolling) from waking her. Sara seemed to get some sleep.

we got up, & I made eggs & Soyrizo for Kate & Sara. Then we went to the hospital to relieve Buzz & Sue. Tarzan was not eating his best, and they had to put in a NG tube (nose to guts but I am sure there is a better name)

It was out when we got there, and he was active and moving. But fighting eating.

The GI doc put him on a different breast milk enhancer formula, which should absorb, and taste better. Guess what? Still a picky eater.

Sara & I walked around the hospital, Mike & Evie showed up, then they took Tarzan for a walk around the hospital (on the outside, he loves outside)

I went to See's to get some chocolates for the nurses. YAY Nurses. If you know any Nurses, give them a hug. Nurses are the best.

At 3pm, he would not eat. we had a fight to get in the food.

4pm, Matt, Racfhel & Hallie arrived, and forced us to go to? CRAZY BUFFET! Buzz, Sue, Kate, Rachel, Matt, Hallie & I went to CRAZY BUFFET. Hallie tried an Oyster! Woo HOO.

Then back to the hospital

Dr. Contini stopped by arond 5:30. He incredibly helped calm Sara. WOW, YAY.

At 6pm, we decided to put a 30-day NG tube in him. It was a difficult, but the correct decision. He how has a tube sticking out of his nose, and we got 27 calories in 2oz in his guts in record time, no fight, no calories burned trying to get them in.

No MRI today will scheudle for tommorrow. And tomorrow he meets Occupational Thearpist, who will try to improve his suck.

The night nurse met with Sara, and we decided her push tonight will be let Sara sleep, while feeding Tarzan.

Then I went to the restaurant we ate Wednesday to get her sunglasses.

Then home. I took a hot tub. But we have not been in it for a month. Lots of buildup of salts, I scrubbed with a brush and rubbed it with a rag so it will be smooth.

Tomorrow? Work for me till noon.

Sara will watch the kiddo, he will have OTT and MRI

if he eats enough? He may get to come home.

We seem to know what coctail to drop in the feeding tube.

He should gain 1-2 oz/day. He was 7lbs, 1oz at birth. He was 7lbs 11oz today. 5 weeks 1 day after his birth. We gotta get him up to weight.

go thank a nurse. think "eat eat eat" for Saul.


NG tube = NasoGastric tube. Nose to Guts is a good short form. :)

Sorry to hear the little guy is having trouble. Hope he gets better soon.
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