Sunday, September 17, 2006

Julia came over after work last night (12:30am) and stayed the night to help with the feedings. I woke up to hep her at 3, and Sara at 6, but she is there, she knows how to deal with the tube

the HOPE is she will be able to come by a few nights and watch him, while we sleep.

YAY Auntie Julia!

and by YAY, I mean "you are a lifesaving princess whom I can never repay"

then this morning Matt & I rode dirtbikes at Metcalf for about 1.5 hours, then came back home. This is most of the physical activity I get, and almost all of the mental relaxxation.

3 of Sara's pals from Japan arrived, we went for Steak & Eggs, then home. They are sleeping off jet-lag.

I retaped Tarzan's nose tube. the tape gets goopy and slides, so I re-taped it.

he is good.

I think Sara and I may take a walk.

(in a completely random, unrelated note, I need to trim my fingernails)

unrelated #2.

Nun shot dead as Islam retaliates over Pope's comments

lets see, the Pope kinda says, "Islam is a violent religion"
A bunch of Islamic folks kinda say "no, we are not"
then to prove it, they riot, turn down the Pope's apology, and kill nuns.

Color me silly, but weren't the Great Crusades an nearly 200 year embodiment of the Pope's anger at Islam? An attempt to retake Jerusalem?

Now I'm just sayin, if they piss him off enough, the Pope may decide it's time for the Catholic Church to go back to war.

And I KNOW nuns. You get enough of them mad at you? and you are in serious trouble. I'd put a ruler-equipped, highly pissed off Nun up against a Green Beret any day. They are tough.

Here's what I'm sayin. Accept his apology, let it GO. Otherwise? a modern crusade would make President Bush's stupidity in Iraq (wait for his next action in Iran) look like child's play.

Listen up Islam. Do NOT piss off the Catholics. Unlike the Americans, they are world wide, well funded, quick breeding, don't put up with much and they hold a grudge.

Yep, We are not violent at all!

is the end of days near?

Right on Charles !!!
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