Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kate's photos from her trip out here. She caught a great photo (last week) of Sara demonstrating how we feed him the 2nd ounce.

every three hours, no matter what, he gets 1 ounce in a bottle (if he will take it) and the remaining 65ml through the tube.

which means, every 3 hours, prepare a bottle, feed him as much as he will take, then use a syringe to pull from his stomach, so the tube is only liquid, then sqitch to a big syringe and gravity feed the rest into him, then switch to a 3rd syringe to flush the tube with water.

Then burp him. Change him if required, and wash all the bottles, syringes, and stuff.

Every 3 hours. (that includes midnight, 3am, 6am)

So we are tired, a lot. But it is paying off, he is gaining some weight, and was up to 8lbs yesterday. He looks better daily, and has more energy.

when he is 10? he will clean bikes, wash cars, take mommy snowboarding, and do anything else we want, or we WILL show these photos and remind him! :D ha!

more photos coming soon

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