Saturday, September 30, 2006

Now this is an interesting sign you wouldn't see every day.

From Kate, who saw it outside Beaver Dam last year

Mr. Tarzan was being a wise guy last night at 3am. He was awake, so I tried to feed him with the bottle. He would take the bottle for a suck or two, then push it out of his mouth, smile a HUGE smile, then spit/dribble/drool all the milk out.

That hooligan. So I gave up and tubed him. He was grinning and smiling and saying "ma ma ma ma ma"

1/2 way through the tube, I began singing to him so he would sleep again. "ahhh ahhh ahhh baby" like my dad used to sing to us. Cause really, neither dad nor I can sing.

It worked, he slept.

I know that game well. He plays it with me and it entertains him a great deal. We have a real hooligan on our hands. The teen years will be interesting.
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