Monday, September 18, 2006

Saul and I went to visit Dr. McCracken today. She FINALLY saw the thrush, and said "yes, it MAY be a contributing factor" add to that weight and strength.

So we bump him up to 75ml at every feeding, and add the nystatin back in to the thrush regimine.

She agrees, my plan of feed him, measure, watch, treat thrush is a good way to go, and we decided to hold off on "G-Tube" to his belly, which requires surgery, and to hold off on the Barium upper GI. We will wait 1 month, monitoring him for weight gain, and watching him improve.

I think it was a GOOD visit.

Then I took him to work with me, got some stuff done, fed him, let him wander around and charm all the wimmen, then come home.

We got home, and he commenced to screamin and hollering. He wants his mommy. She was out shopping for japanese food with her japanese freinds who are visiting.

she got home, and took him for a walk.

Will hope for "better" soon.


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