Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tarzan was a sleepy puppy for his feedings last night. Which was good for me, not so good for him eating more. but I tubed him and away we go.

I also 'loaned' my harley to my pal Colin, he will play with it this weekend. If he likes it, I will need to make serious decisions, and maybe sell it.

My XR came back from a tuneup yesterday, and Sara's DRZ is in for a tune up. The Ducati is in for a tune up.

With all the bikes out of the garage, it has me thinking. Maybe the Sportster and the Royal Enfield need to go. Will see.

Then I stopped by Don's place on the way home. He is the guy building/selling me the sidecar rig for Tarzan.

We initially discussed putting a Jupiter sidecar on the outfit, till he tripped across this incredibly cool Steib TR500

(yes, it needs to be cleaned, re-uphoulstered, and some bodywork) Don will put a /5 wheel with brake on it, for more stopping power.

but, in the long run, it will be worth much more than the Jupiter, has more storage, a more solid tub, and I like it better, even though Sara thinks the fender looks gay.

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