Monday, September 04, 2006

Website of people jumping on beds. What could be more fun?

Going for a motorcycle ride! Yesterday morning I took the KTM to Metcalf park, and rode for about an hour before the dread pinch flat. The front tire went flat, I came home. Antonio stopped by and forced me to spend $21 for a HEAVY DUTY inner-tube, so this does not happen again.

Then? Sara went with Joann for a ride up mount hamilton. Really, the photo says it all. Look at that smile.

zipped up and departing

Then Antonio & I forced Sara's mom to go to the Sherwood Inn for Steak & Eggs & Bloody Marys. But she had belgian waffles.

Saul was very good during brunch, till we finished, he woke up and started an academy awards performance. We paid & left. and figured he was mad, when he realized he was not getting any steaks

Sara mixing the milk & fortifier in our home chemistry lab

last night, he was also somewhat grumpy, crying and fussing, and burping and grumbling. Finally, he calmed down this morning

Sara and one calm kiddo, in socks Julia's mom sent him.

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