Wednesday, September 13, 2006

wow, this is interesting. You can request a FREE copy of your credit report.

No, not "pay" really free.

article through the consumerist.

what did I find out?

they think I am still living in Texas, I work for Dell or Emory & Young, and I changed my last name to my Ex-Wife's last name.

Transunion allows you to submit disputes, and change info

Equifax has best list of credit accounts I have had

Experian has the best list of places I have lived, and names I may have used (often spelled wrong) and a great listing of who has viewed my credit reports

Oh, but they think I was born 4 years later than I was.

and I lived in 3 PO boxes I never lived in

all in all?

and interesting investment of 30 mins.

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