Saturday, September 09, 2006

yes I am tired. I am sorry if I am snippy on the phone.

Saul looks like he is gaining weight. And we keep putting food in him.

feed EVERY THREE HOURS, no matter what

here is the night time routine. the only difference in daytime is? not to & from bed.

Wake him
unwrap him
change him if he is wet
get him on couch
get milk from out of fridge
heat milk
attempt to bottle feed. he may drink 10 - 30 ml
when he gives up, swaddle him tightly, to keep arms in place
use empty 5ml syringe to pull fluid through nose tube out of stomach
attach 60ml syringe to nose tube
pour remaining milk into 60ml syringe
hold and gravity feed remaining milk ~ 15 mins
remove 60 ml syringe
attach 3ml syringe with filtered water
push through nose tube to clear it.
remove 3ml syringe
have him sit quietly 3-5 mins, to make sure no barfing
clean up: bottle, nipple, syringes, put on drying rack
check for wet diaper, change
take Saul to bed

set alarm for next 3 hour interval, attempt to sleep

in between these, maybe every 3rd feeding, Sara pumps milk.

Setup pump
pump milk
clean pump
measure milk
mix milk with "Good Start" additive (1/2tsp to every 30ml milk)
measure milk into 65ml bottles, label and refrigerate for next feedings
clean pump bottles, storage bottles, mixing bottles

then toss into all this, change diapers, clean barfed on blankets and clothes, give medecines (which promote barfing)

During the week, I try to take the midnight, 3am, 6am feedings, so Sara gets good sleep, and will be ready for the daytime, when she needs to be at home alone, so I can go to work

During the day? I work, and she stays home and does all these routines till I get home and can help.

she did the 6am feeding today, so I could sleep late, but there was a problem with the NG tube, it had a vacuum for some reason, so I got up to help. vacuum issue went away when I changed and burped him.

then, cause it is a saturday? I went back to bed, from 7 - 9:30. it was nice.

However, his cheeks are a bit fuller, and he may be gaining weight, it looks like it. Eventually he will decide he likes to eat, and start.

So if you call, and I am more than a little snippy? I am sorry, I am tired.

oops, he is crying... more later

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