Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A few days ago Sara & I decided to continue in our exploration of ANY POSSIBLE THING to get our kid to eat.

Someone anonomously posted that they did not like Gentian Violet. Well, that may be, but we have a 2.5 month old child who will not eat, and has to be fed through a tube every three hours. We are fighting to keep him from having a "G-Tube" put directly in his stomach. So we try anything. The yeast MAY have gone away on your child, but ours is showing no sign, and it obviously affects his eating. So we try almost anything.

We shifted him to a formula of Goats milk with molasses and some "live and thrive" tincture. Do you know where you buy goats milk? Assuming you are not a shephard? Whole foods.

he is taking 90 to 95ml every 3 hours. And appears happier, and sometimes takes 40+ from a bottle, not just direct tube.

Sara says it is hard to be optimistic, and we do not want to jinx ourselves. But we are trying.

I tried to embed 2 movies from YoutUbe here I took these this morning

Saul chats with Sara every morning

And he is starting to smile more

Carlos & Sara,

Saul is stronger than you think
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