Sunday, October 01, 2006

so we took his tube out, it's been a few weeks and time to alternate nostrils.

While the tube was out, he took a shower. and some pix

If you know Eric & Lissa, you know this needs no caption.

Also, Special thanks to Shawn & Larissa, straight to the Co-Pay fund. thanks

and always, thank you Julia. Last night was like heaven.

Julia comes 2 or 3 nights a week, and we get to sleep. ahhh, glorious sleep.

the mini bike is sold. Well, traded. For a Lincoln Electric weldpak 100.

>>and always, thank you Julia.<<<

The way you can thank me is to stop trying to thank me! I do what I do because I love you guys and because I want to. Not for thanks or anything else.

A long time ago, long before you met Sara, I knew that one day you would be one of my closest friends. I always feared that what ever woman you met would be threatened by the friendship. I am thrilled every day to know that did not happen and that you both trust me with your child. It is an honor and a privelege to help you.

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