Thursday, November 30, 2006

Boy did not want to sleep last night. He was cranky and surly, and kept making 'ack ack' sounds

So I put him in bed with me. He snored and slept like a rock. We did not deviate from the plan. We know, the PLAN is sound. Fed him at midnight and 3am. back to bed each time.

at 5:30, he woke up crying with a wet diaper. Changed him, back to bed Sara got him up at 6.

We left for daycare at 7:45, and arrived at 8:35. Traffic was stinky.

In other news, I posted a link about the Ferrari 312PB model?

Here is a video interview with the builder, showcasing the car.

The sound of the motor running is amazing, almost like the real ones.

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