Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ummm, why are people rude to stewardesses? These people need assistance

and guidance! :)

Tarzan has found a disturbing new habit. If he does not like his food, he will gak and spit till the barfs. We'll work on him.

midnight was a pee festival. When I pick him up to feed him, I automatically change him. Then I re-wrapped him, put him on the couch to feed, and? he peed. Overflowing diaper.

So I change him again, and as I am re-wrapping him? He peed again. Overflowing diaper.

So I unwrap him, change him again, and as he is finally re-wrapped? He PEED AGAIN. and was giggling.

Dry. There is no more. clean, diaper, wrap, get him out to feed, and he falls fast asleep. Fortunately, with an angelic smile. reminding me not to be frustrated.

We decided to reinstate the 3am feeding, to get calories in. The plan is to back off 6am, and just use it for rice cereal.

So what happens at 3am? a totally full poopy diaper, and he is laughing his keester off.

My child is already a troublemaking hooligan, and I love him.

still waiting for 9am feeding news

Interesting!! Very Interesting!! Wonder what else he will do. :)
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