Wednesday, December 06, 2006

so I have been holding off on this one, and it has been a few months.

Anyhow, a few days after Tarzan was born, I got a ticket. Reckless Driving. In CA, that's 3 points on your record for 7 years, (4 pts they pull your license) and a misdemeanor. Reckless Driving is, like, DUI, backwards, in a school zone, drunk, while sniffing cocaine off the bare butt of a teenaged girl, while masturbating a chimpanzee and steering with your feet. It is something very very serious.

A woman turned right on red, into me, I accelerated and got out of the way. The front end lifted some. NO, I was not being a hooligan at 9am, I was on my way to work, and did not want to die. If I was being a hooligan, I'd have lifted a 12-o'clock wheelie, and ridden it 3 blocks down, the rest of the way to work, while waving. I wasn't. I was trying to get to work alive.

I got a Sheriff's deputy, Transit Patrol, one Officer Tallerico. If you are out there, I hope you get the clap.

he hates bikes. seriously, watched every bike go past when writing me up. Did not want to hear what I had to say, repeated over and over "you are on a motorcycle, you broke the law"

Here is what I wrote up for my attorney:


Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

On my way to work this morning, I was headed northbound on 1st street. Crossing Montague Expressway at about 9am. A car turned right on red, from Montague onto 1st and into my lane. So I accelerated to get out of the way, the front end lifted a little under acceleration, after I was safely out of danger, I resumed my normal commute to work.

I stopped at red light to turn left at Tasman drive, 3 blocks later. A Sheriff's Deputy pulled behind me, no lights, got out of his car, and walked up to my bike with hand on gun.

He got to my bike and said "Take the key out of the ignition NOW" and I realized he was pulling me over.

He asked for my license and registration. I told him it was in my backpack, I would have to get it out, could we get out of traffic?

He wanted my license immediately, kept the key, and had me push the bike across traffic, to the far right side of the road.

When he pulled the cruiser behind me, he got out with a plastic bag full of Polaroid photos. I would guess about a 3" stack. He said "these are photos of bikers I have caught, I am going to add you to my collection" Then asked for my registration and insurance card..

I thought it was strange, but the rule is "fight in court, not on the roadside." He informed me he saw the wheelie, and was going to ticket me. He pulled out a flip chart of offenses, and began looking through them. Deputy Tallerico, badge 1699.

I asked if he saw the car that turned into me. He said no, it did not matter, I was on a motorcycle and I broke the law and I was going to pay.

He wrote me a ticket for 23103(a) Reckless Driving, and then informed me a tow truck was on the way to impound my bike.

He asked me to sign the citation, and took a Polaroid of me to add to his bag full of photos of "bikers I have caught"

We waited for the tow truck to arrive, and he gave me information about where to recover my bike. I remained calm and polite. He calmed down a little, and told me most motorcyclists try to run from him. He wanted to make sure I did not.

I asked if we had to impound the bike, and he told me he was giving me a lucky break, as he could arrest me.

I got the bike out of impound the next day. The process clerk at the Sheriff’s department told me the officer was a little overzealous, and I should try to fight the Reckless Driving citation. I am willing to pay a fine, but would like to try to reduce the violation and try to keep as much of it off my record as I can. I do not believe I was being reckless, and I would like to keep my license


So my attorney, David Dornblaser, a stand up guy, managed to get the ticket reduced to "Unsafe Start" which is a 1 point infraction, that drops off my record in 3 years. & a fine. Attorney was not cheap.

I went to pay it yesterday at? the Department of Revenue. I shit you not. Department of Revenue

Anyone who tells me the police are out to make the world safer?

I say BULLSHIT to them.

There may be a few good officers out there. but I never run into them, and they are DAMN sure not around when I need them. I know there are guys (Jim) who really care. But the majority I meet? Are just worthless fuckers who couldn't make the army, probably got beat up a lot in high school, or have small penis issues.

I KNOW it is easier to pull over a guy on a bike on his way to work, then crack down on some major heavy dudes on the east side pushing whores & dope. Hell, they have guns and WILL shoot back. Me? I just pay a damn fine.

I was getting out of the way. I am on a bike. If I was in a Minivan? My insurance would be handling this now, cause that gal would have plowed right into me.

It is just a revenue stream, and they need a better marketing operation.

You want to make money?

Do it honestly. Work!

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