Thursday, December 07, 2006

So I was taking a quality survey for Blogger, and I had a brilliant idea;

if you had a feature that let me download my archives? as a word doc, or something? I would poop myself with happiness.

Also, WOW, idea, (if you use it, please give me some credit or cash) If there was a way for me to PAY to have my blog built into a booklet/printout? WOW

intsa-book. I don't mean a vanity press thing, I mean just print my whole weblog, entry by entry, starting from my first entry, till like, today. And send it to me as hardcopy?

WOW, actually, the other feature would be expanding the hot links, so you showed the link, then next to it, pritned the actual URL


okay, I just gave you a new product. Please make it happen for me?

Yay! I have been wishing for hardcopy or formatted downloadable file for a long time...

Your idea of selling the booklet to you is pretty nifty.
I have SO been thinking the same here - what if Blogger died or whatever? I want all of my posts but I don't want to have to manually print out each and every post or cut and paste it into Word myself.
Great idea!
If someone wants to try and be clever, they could write something using the available blogger API:

Perhaps you can find someone on the lists or something.
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