Tuesday, December 05, 2006

When baby is sick, everyone is sick.

Mom is sick, Dad is sick, Saul has a cold.

We have the vaporizer on in his room, and yes mom, we will stuff vicks up his nose if he needs it? :D

so far, he is taking it very very well. A sneeze every so often, and a lot of snot, but really taking it well

Sara is resting every chance she gets

Her dumbass husband, on the other hand..... Well, my pal Dale suggested we take motorcycles to a trackday. I don't race anymore, and I did not think it was a great idea, but hanging out with Dale? And playing hooky from work on a Monday?

I put street tires on the XR650. That is the ONLY change I made. It still has dirt suspension, dirt brakes (or lack thereof) and a 21" front wheel, not the 17" I was racing on 2 yrs ago.

Dale, Joan, Matt & I drove down in 2 sprinters, and stopped at Harris Ranch, where I ate a very VERY expensive steak, and it was still the cheapest one on the menu.

Arrived at Willow Inn, and I was asleep on the sofabed by 8:45pm. YAY Sleep.

When the rest of the crowd came back from the bar, they woke me up for about a minute, I vaguely remember it. Back to sleep till 4am, (that's why they call it the WEE hours of the morning) And back to sleep till 6am. When we got up to head to the track.

I slept GREAT! It was wonderful. earplugs, breathe right strip, no alarm? Woo HOO

Trackday, go slow, get warmed up. I did. I was riding around, having a good time.

Then I got warm, and started going faster and faster. I know this track, I know this bike. Woo HOO. On my 50hp dirtbike, I was catching mere mortals on their 145+HP street/race bikes

Then I got overconfident in turn 3, and the tires let go. I felt the front end push out from under me. I thought "OH CRAP, my son is gonna laugh at me. my wife is gonna kick my ass if I get hurt"

TUCK and ROLL. Go with the slide. Do not fight it. Arms IN. I landed on my back and head. I heard the hemet go "CRACK" against the pavement, then "SQUISH" as the internal foam gave way to cushion my head. ONly one brief flash of red light, and I was rolling over to my knees.

Watching the bike dig into the track, and swivel around on its axis. Kinda like Curly from the three stooges. "woop Woop Woop"

I was facing oncoming traffic, in the middle of the track. I stayed low, got on my feet, and watched them go around me. YAY

I got off the track, watched the next wave of bikes go by, then picked up my bike, and got off the track.

I bent the bar a little, and scraped the footpeg a little.

Restarted it, and took her into the pits to clean up.

No major damage, I was ready for the next session, but sat it out to rest.

I spent the rest of the day taking slow laps, thinking about my family, and having fun, but not race speeds.

We stopped at Harris ranch on the way home again, for a $10 hamburger this time, and home by 9pm.

It was great to see Sara, but we wanted to get her to bed and resting.

Will repeat tonight

So I am okay, the bike needs about $20 in parts, I need to buy a new helmet and gloves, and I realized, I am having MUCH more fun out riding in the dirt. It is more fun, less expensive, and I know my limits.

In other news, Jack gave me John's old EZup. the top is shredded, and it has a bunch of the wrong bolts on it. I ordered a new top through eBay from Getundercover.com

Wow! The replacement top is MUCH better than even original equipment EZUp tops. I now have a reconditioned (by me) EZUP frame, and a great top.

I am ready for camping or dirtbiking. The customer experience with GetUnderCover.com was that good. I recommend them

We stayed in Buttonwillow overtnight.

Baby is sick, Mom is sick, Dad is sick, Tia has started getting stuffed up! Always good to feel like one of the family. Must you share everything? Loves & Hugs :op
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