Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tarzan's still sickly. He has a runny nose, pukes up, but has lots of energy.

I am staying home with him today, so Sara can get some work done.

I put him in the crib, so I could use the bathroom. He likes to watch his mobile, and will kick his feet a lot, and squirm around.

I came back in the room, and saw this:

YIKES! Did he run away?

Nope! He was hiding up in the front of the crib! Hooligan!

so I put him in the mini swing in my room. He pulled all the toys off the hangars, tossed them on the floor, then grabbed the siderails so the swing won't swing.

He is on a rampage I tell you. A RAMPAGE! BABY RAMPAGE!

and there is NO napping in the immediate future.

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