Saturday, February 03, 2007

For the past, oh, 6 or 8 months, Sara and I have been irritated.

The front door of our house was hard to shut. And the deadbolt did not work. We would fight with the door, pushing and pulling, trying to get the lock to close. There have been many days we did not even lock the door, it was just too damn much of a fight.

I pulled the plate the deadbolt hits, and filed it out to make a bigger opening. this helped for about 4 days.

We thought about calling a locksmith. We thought about selling the house.

Tonight, our brilliant, wonderful and amazing pal SS Mark looks at it for less than 10 seconds, and says "you need to put a longer screw in the top hinge. It is loose, and the door is hanging wrong."

then we went out for dinner.

When we got back, he left, Sara is feeding the baby. I went to the garage, got some 2.5" screws, and replaced only ONE screw in the top hinge. ONE. ONE STINKING SCREW.

The door opens and closes with ease. The lock works with no problems.

I swapped 2 other screws, just to put in more support.

in less than 10 seconds, Mark solved something that has been troubling us for months and months


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