Friday, February 09, 2007

got home, took care of the kiddo, then I fell asleep when Sara got home.

I am sorry I did not type before falling asleep

Dr. Scates says I am good. The ultrasound is clean and clear. No Tumor! The PET/CT scan showed some stuff. He says it is probably part of the whatever in my testis. Like a bruise. Why is he not worried? Because my blood markers are way too clean. The blood markers show nothing, nada, zip.

So happy news.

AND - we will both be more diligent about me coming in 1x/year to check.


I am goin back to sleep. I am crazy tired. I think it is the rain.

Yay, clean blood markers! Yay, happy news! Yay, happy baby pictures!

BTW, Scates is a great name for a urologist or proctologist. Dr. Scates, Doctor of Scat-ology. Specializing in Testicles, Epididimes, Hemorhoids, and All Things of the Loins.

Okay, I spelled most of that wrong, but Blooger doesn't have a spellchekr...
Hi Charles,

Everything looks fine for you and your family. Yay great!

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