Wednesday, February 28, 2007

how to tell you have cracked

if higher powers tell you to paint signs all over everything? yet do not give you the skill and talent to do it well.

And my God? never instructed anyone to pierce their lips and seal their mouth. What is it Brad says? Every Jewish Holiday but one = They tried to kill us, we survived, thank God, let's eat.

I feel for this lady, she has obviously had a difficult run of it. Now? it is time to get help.

Estrella, I hope you find answers and peace.

The Tussionex is putting a smack-down on my cough and congestions. "The most common adverse reactions associated with TUSSIONEX® are sedation, drowsiness, and mental clouding, which may impair the mental and/or physical abilities required for potentially hazardous tasks. As with other drugs in this class, the possibility of tolerance and/or dependence, particularly in patients with a history of drug dependence, should be considered."

so it's addictive, and may cause a brain cloud. I have that!

The Zpac is working. The inhaler still scares me, but is working. I've been laying around all day resting. I feel better, except when I cough, both temples hurt, at my brain.

But all in all, improving!

And? yesterday? my wonderful Pescatarian wife heated up some chicken soup for me. That was a first. I was very grateful, and need to express my thanks

Today she is stopping on the way home and getting some Matzoh Ball Soup from Gunther's a place Evie recommends.

oops, lightheaded, must lay back down

I will beat this cough in record time, thanks Dr. Nguyen

and remember, March 14th is just around the corner...

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