Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pre-Note! I am not planning on going to Mardi Gras in San Jose. It's tuesday, I'm goin for tacos.

HOWEVER, if I DID want a party? It'd be Carnival in Austin. Notice how the people in the pix are smiling?

Ever wonder WHY San Jose is so boring, dull and lifeless?

"Police say they will have hundreds of officers on the street on foot, on horse, in cars and helicopters. The department says it doesn't want to give the appearance of a police state but it has been working with business owners for months. It says it needs to be ready, but they will stay out of the way as long as all goes well."

San Jose. Horses, Cars, Helicopters....

Police State

Read the last line in this article:
"Some downtown parking garages will also close earlier than usual to discourage people from coming to San Jose's downtown tonight."

I used to live in a town that celebrated its citizens, encouraging them to come downtown. Encouraging them to enjoy life.


I live in a wanna-be police state.

It gets better

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