Monday, February 26, 2007

so it's cold season.

and Tarzan is in daycare, which, as wonderful as they are, is still a germ filled pit of disease.

We struggled all last week to get him over his runny nose. I think we are there, it transferred to me.

Runny nose - back of the throat drip = cough + upset stomach

add lack of sleep on top of that? I am cranky

So I heard an article on NPR about sinus flush. Now I know, ya'll are thinking "he moved to California and is turnin hippie on is"

OH NO NO NO! The first time I heard of this was Joe, the Red Headed Menace (and overworked successful businessman) talking about some Tibetan monks using Neti Pots. And how it really helped him.

Well that + NPR? My nose is a river of snot, I will try almost anything. I now own a NeilMed(tm) NasaFlo Neti pot

I got home from picking up Saul, he threw up everywhere, out of spite I think, after I cleaned it all up?

I read the instructions. I watched the video from the Mayo Clinic, and I loaded my Neti pot up.

I poured 1 cup of water and pre mixed sinus rinse from one nostril, through my sinuses to the other side.

And? It felt GREAT

I could breathe. I was open and less snotty.

for about 15 minutes.

Then my superior Statman Sinuses cranked up production, and I am full again.

I wonder how often I can wash them? It sure felt good briefly.

Saul is bouncing and spinning in the bouncy chair, and Sara is out getting a massage I think.

I want a dang ol nap. And I want my nose to stop running.

But it was fun to pour a cup of warm salty water through it.

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