Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, the night started out calm, but violence broke out shortly after police began enforcing curfews.

If you watch the video attached to the story, thats the line you will hear.

Hmmm. Hard to believe.

According to the Mercury News, Broken windows were the damage (Thanks Julia)

"Police plan to debrief in the coming days and use many of the same strategies at the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Police set the tone early. They had a message for any large groups of people massing on Santa Clara Street: ``Go away, goodbye, downtown is closed.''"

Yes, they said it. Downtown is Closed. Go away. We do not want your business, money or tourism.

Then out of the other side of the mouth, SJ officials wonder WHY WHY WHY Isn't San Jose a tourist spot like San Francisco.

Heck, even the Metro editor wonders...

Guess it all depends on perspective. This channel reported everything as quiet,

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