Monday, March 19, 2007

Taj Residency. major renovations, and much nicer than when I was here 2.5 years ago.


computer desk

TV Minibar

View out back door to lawns

12 hours! I slept for TWELVE solid hours. From 7pm till 7am. It was delicious. Then I woke up, did some stretching and such, got showered, and went downstairs for breakfast. I was good, mostly fruits and cheeses, some yogurt, and some local dishes. I did not make a pig of myself with the chicken sausage, I did not eat any bacon.

I had enough, I felt full, I went back to my room. Took a short walk down the street. Most things here are closed for holiday. Fooey. Walked back up, got some postcards and sent.

Now I am sitting in the room, resting. My pal Kandan should come by, I do not have his phone number, and cannot contact him. if I miss him, I will be sad. Then at 3, another friend, Abhik is coming over, and we will have family dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is all about work.

I do fly from Chennai to Heathrow. I hope this does not happen

OH! one of the coolest things I see? and I am used to seeing whole families on bikes here, but a running theme I notice now? Dad driving, mom on back, but son sitting on tank, or standing on floorboards, with hands on handlebars, wrap around sunglasses, and a HUGE grin.

Most traffic seems to be about 30mph tops. Very much urban commuting. Millions of motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, in between buses, trucks and cars. The Kids on the bikes? yes, I know it is dangerous, have HUGE grins. I will try to snap a photo if I can.

The youngest appear to be about 3 yrs old. younger than that and mom is holding them.

Wrap around sunglasses. common. Kids on bikes. Wind in their face. Totally un-do-able in the US, but wow, looks so fun.

I hope Tarzan grows up happy with wind in face.


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