Saturday, March 24, 2007

2:25am. The good lads at British Airways have decided I did not have enough time to catch my connection in London, and have delayed me to another flight. so 3+ hrs delay from London to Italy. Lovely.

I am soooo tired. Sitting in Chennai airport, I have to wait for ~ 1 hr to board my flight. I am not sure how to contact my driver in Italy and tell him I will be 3 hours late. Will send email to the folks at work in Italy, maybe one of them will be online.

UPDATE! Fortunately, Milena S. does not sleep and watches email. She is my heroine for the day. She has received update and will notify driver.

The hotel laundered my clothes, and somehow? I SMELL LIKE NAPTHA! I AM THE STINKEY GUY ON THE PLANE! OH NOOOOOOO :D

Let me elaborate how happy I am about Milena. When you arrive the airport in a foreign country, it is kinda scary. Usually there are about a million people trying to find and pickup their loved ones. You have just stepped off a long flight, into a strange place.

The moment you see that white card with your name on it? You exhale, and it feels like one thousand pounds have been lifted off your shoulders. The driver will put you in the car, and get you to the hotel. You are safe. like, as in, touching home plate, and the umpire yells "safe"

When I arrived in Chennai? No card. No driver. Anxiety skyrockets. There was a misunderstanding, I did not confirm, all was wrong. Most of the hotels retain a man on site at the airport to help, and my hotel guy got me a cab. Driver was arranged the next morning. (Thanks Uday)

Well, same thing here. British Airways changes my flight, 3 hours later. What if the driver arrives at 3, does not see me, and goes home? I am standing at the Milan airport, trying to get to Monza? I've never been. I know no Italian. What happens? who knows? I end up beaten by a bunch of my buddy Antonio's cousins? I am repeatedly violated by a pack of Italian Supermodels? Dogs gnaw my bleached bones?

However, through a fortunate series of events, I am okay.
Chennai airport is offering FREE wireless.
I send email, Milena S. got my email at 10PM her time on a Saturday
My driver will be notified.
I will be picked up.

Life will be good.


I miss my wife, my child, and my friends.

And we miss you too. BUT tomorrow I will be happy. I have not seen my monkey in over a week. I am sure he has grown and changed by leaps and bounds. Tomorrow I will not have more than an hour or so but I will get to go give hugs to the monkey so he does not forget me. I always feel like an invading interloper when your real family visits though. :(
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