Friday, March 16, 2007

2pm in Tokyo, 10pm Friday back in San Jose.

Sat next to drunk Salarymen on flight to Tokyo. "Biru" "Biru"

2 crappy movies, Marie Antoinette, and Prestige


I miss my family

I do not like drunk Salarymen

Mark, Julia, the noise canceling headphones ya'll bought me a long time ago? worth every DAMN cent, thank you both

so far:
11 hr flight to tokyo
sitting in Narita

up next?
7 hr flight to singapore - arrive midnight, cab to hotel, return and fly out 7am

4 hr flight to blr

Oh, did I mention no one seems to know where my luggage is? It MAY have gone to Bangalore.

not fun

and I miss my wife and kiddo.

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