Saturday, March 17, 2007

"Charles you complete BASTARD..." one of my friends began his email, leading to a discussion about smelly. (something I keep mentioning on this trip)

Okay, YES, I agree, Americans put too much emphasis on product. I am not asking these guys to smell like the latest AXE Body Spray. I am wanting them to smell like they heard of a shower, and possibly wiped their behind in the last 48 hours.

Here's the deal, and I always say smelly engineers for a reason. You live at home with your parents till you are 27, then you get married and live with your wife.

BUT! You take a trip overseas when you are 24. No one telling you to wear a clean shirt, take a shower, brush your teeth. So you don't. Sometimes for a month it seems.

THEN> Because Cisco flys coach, I am stuck in the back of a hot, cramped, stinky 14 hour flight, next to you. it is not good not good at all.

SO, 6:33am Sunday, Singapore time, 3:30pm Saturday San Jose

I slept fitfully last night, but it was grand to stretch out. The Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore is wonderful, I wish to move in permanently. Sadly, my alarm call was 5am, and taxi to the airport. VERY expensive stretch and pee. I should have lay on the floor in the terminal.

The counter guy for Indian Airlines says he 'thinks' they know where my luggage is. I can report, I was the ONLY white guy in queue, and will probably be so on the plane. I think this is a first for Cisco NMTG, as usually they fly SingAir to India, then Jet internally in India.

I miss my family, sleep, bed, and food. I may have unintentionally started my dieting, as I cannot stand airline food, and have not eaten very much lately. Maybe subsistence is the way to go?

I took pix of hotel, will upload later.

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