Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kandan came and dragged me away. Woo HOO We rode around Bangalore on his pals Bullet 350 Thunderbird. Very different from my 350 Classic. It has aluminium cylinder!

We went to lunch at Ebony on top of Barton Center. VERY fashionable And? no one jumped

Then I got to see the Bangalore botanical gardens very beautiful, but in a run down, too big to maintain, kind of way. My camera croaked, but seems to be resurrected? here are someone elses photos. HUGE crystal palace. 240acres, we did not walk it all. We did not go to Cubbon Gardens

hanging around the hotel now, resting. trying not to sleep, so I will sleep tonight.
watching tee vee.

Z-Muzic Hipshakers WOO HOO and MTV India? Plays MUSIC!

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