Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last night I went back to the hotel, and was just gonna go to sleep.

MV Agusta was having press release for their new bike at the hotel. The 312. For 312km/hr. Which is? VERY damn fast.

I asked the tech standing with the bike why it did not have oil in it. He wanted to know how I could tell, and I said "cause it is not leaking. All Italians mark their spot." he laughed and replied that they did not want to have to pay to clean carpets.

But I could not talk him out of the cool MV windbreaker or fleece they were giving the press.

Then I went to my room. And ordered room service.

Okay. THIS! Made me feel better. Lower right corner is a smoked salmon sandwich and leafy green salad with a crisp vinaigrettes dressing. Lower left is butter and bread. Upper right is water. Upper left is local cheese assortment. The 5 cups are different local honey, which are meant for eating raw. Okay. I did not have all the bread. and one of the honeys was kinda too chunky for me. But this? This was wonderful

This afternoon, Michela (the boss) and Milena (my hero, remember?) said we go for lunch. We went to a fancy schmancy place where I had the most expensive Cesar salad ever. And got to split .5 litre water with someone else. The Italians do not drink enough water. They had Cristal Champagne and Beluga caviar on the menu. 1lb caviar, $2500 Euro. We passed.

Then, at my mother's insistence, we went for Gelato. First pic is the counter and choices. Now, I must say, this makes baskin robbins look like a turd factory.

This series was on the wall, and I wondered if it meant items on the special menu, like the hilarious Japanese Sushi video? the endangered species is in the middle

I ordered the "sopresa" which was just a picture of a question mark on the menu. What arrived? 1 scoop chocolate, 1 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop pistachio, on some sort of bun, surrounded by fruit, and cookies with whipped cream on top. I did NOT finish this plate. I did finish all the gelato. I am ruint for ice cream now. Actually, I am not. I love all but will be on diet when I get home anyhow.

Sitting in Milan airport now. 5:20pm, flight is at 7:25pm to Frankfurt, then transfer to Tel Aviv flight. I will arrive 2:45am Tel Aviv. And have 10am meeting.


Yay Gelato!
My mother and I ate gelato every day we were in Italy, except one day, and we made up for it by having gelato twice the next day. Yum!
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