Sunday, March 11, 2007

Last night Saul got a haircut. Yes, we saved clippings for you (Grandma Jannie, Grandma Sue, Julia, Evvie) and some for his baby book, if we ever have time to make it happen. Maybe when I am traveling, Sara's folks and sisters can help her with it. Sara will have haircut photos up soon.

James, Tara, Emiko AND Matt came over for dinner last night. I made seafood enchiladas, OMJ rice, and a black bean and corn cold confetti salad. James made a tri-tip, Matt brought Ice Cream. FUN! was had by all. (I hope)

I did not go ride dirt bikes this morning, instead Sara drove me, and we picked up the BMW slash bike today. the sidecar frame is not yet done, but the bike needed some riding to sort out. I rode it home. It was a mix of fun and terror. Will sort it our before the sidecar frame is done, and get it all up to par.

While we were up by Alices, we visited with Peter & Vicky Markstein, two of the smartest humans I know. Saul got to play with Cassius, their boxer, and some of the cats, but more the dog.

Peter has been fast-walking marathons (Hawaii, Tampa, Reno upcoming) And Sara has been on me. Even my dad is in better shape than me. I know, I know I must change my wicked ways. Peter and I walked from their house down to Alice's restaurant, and I was short of breath.

Friday I had a little scare, Dr. Nguyen said she would call it an anxiety attack in almost anyone else. However she saw me 2 weeks ago for the cough, and says it is probably a combination of: stopping taking the codeine cough syrup, stress, slightly high blood pressure, very overweight, lack of sleep, no regular exercise and the list goes on.

the PLAN(tm) is to return from my business trip, recover for 2 days, then go on a monitored Atkins diet. Dr. Nguyen says while she does not approve, she knows it has worked for me in the past. So we will monitor me every Friday for blood pressure, weight, and I will Atkins up, adding a strict walking regimen.

I know I need to keep in shape. And I have to get motivated. Well, laying in bed short of breath, skeered up a little? After the cancer check, and a wicked cough? It is a pretty clear message and a strong motivation.

Saul needs a healthy daddy to teach him cool stuff. Sara needs a healthy husband to fix things that break. I gotta drop 30 lbs, and get my known weak respiratory system back into shape.

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