Sunday, March 25, 2007

Okay, We were delayed on take off, and finally made it to Milan. Driver has no English, but drove a Lancia luxury sedan at absolutely terrifying speeds to Monza and the hotel.

Now let's refresh, I race motorcycles. I think it is normal to run 100MPH+ through traffic. I do not mind putting my knee on the pavement going around corners.

So when I say "terrifying" let's just agree, it was scary.

And he kept trying to program the GPS the entire time.

So I am at the Hotel. website looks really schmancy. Heck, 123Euro/night. Daym. Right? well, no. For ~$163, I feel like I am staying in a closet. With a twin bed. No shit, a twin bed.

2 nights, that's it. then off to Israel. They do not have room service, but I am so tired it does not matter. I am headed to sleep.

I THINK the desk clerk told the driver to be back here at 9am to take me to office. Though she may have said "wait till the morning, come fetch the remains"

I am hoping office will be better, and someone can translate for me. and take me for lunch. I am probably tired cause I am cranky, and will be better after some sleep.

Antonio? if this is where you came from? it all makes a little more sense.

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